27-Wizards - Defining and Launching in Odoo

This video explains about the Wizards: Defining and Launching in Odoo

Wizards describe interactive sessions with the user (or dialog boxes) through dynamic forms. A wizard is simply a model that extends the class Transient Model instead of Model

Wizard records are not meant to be persistent; they are automatically deleted from the database after a certain time. This is why they are called transient.

Get the module from our repository: https://github.com/CybroOdoo/openacademy

Wizard models do not require explicit access rights: users have all permissions on wizard records.

Wizard records may refer to regular records or wizard records through many2one fields, but regular records cannot refer to wizard records through a many2one field.

A wizard is a model that display a form view to the user usually in a dialog window.

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